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A project based on Jeremiah 29:7: "Seek the peace and prosperity of the city...Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper."

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The Mission

The mission of Project 29:7 is to use collective generosity to combat poverty and to seek peace and prosperity (i.e., shalom) for the city. Our organization believes poverty is not merely the result of a lack of resources. Rather poverty is a result of broken relationships. Therefore, we seek the peace and prosperity of our neighbors by building infrastructure of neighborly fidelity. Not only for the benefit of individual households but for the benefit of the city.  



Our homeownership program seeks peace and prosperity (i.e., shalom) for one household and home at a time through partnering with our neighbors in blighted and low-income neighborhoods to become a homeowners. Over time, as we seek the peace and prosperity of individual households through our program, we are uniquely positioned to cultivate a desire for our homeownership program participants to seek the peace and prosperity of their neighbors and the larger community. We build homes of shalom that seek and spread shalom. All this is done by meeting a very tangible need of our neighbors and neighborhood(s): housing and homeownership.

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Our Goal

We aim to see 297 of our neighbors throughout the city and beyond commit to and support this cause by joining the Project 29:7 Network! You can join the network by giving $29 monthly (or more) for 7 months. We believe that through our collective generosity, we can fulfill the mission of this project. Every dollar you give will help our neighbors become homeowners by supporting the operation of homeownership programs and ongoing housing projects. Our homeownership program is the means of seeing our neigborhood(s) transformed and Project 29:7 accomplished. Your dollars will translate into blighted homes made into beautiful homes; and each household a home of shalom.

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